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After almost 12 years of business, AAPAC will either be sold to a new owner or closed by June 28th.

A Note from the Owner/Director/Founder, Marta Hazekamp:

Dear Community and Families,

It has been a difficult to come to this decision, but after about a year of serious contemplation, I have decided to sell or close the Academy.

The reasons are NOT financial or lack of success; we have countless successes! It is due to personal health issues and a redirection of my priorities and life goals. One of my biggest goals in life is to be a mother! I have decided to take steps to ensure that I will be before my window has closed. This summer I will be starting the process to be a mom.

Should the school sell (there is a potentially interested buyer) before its expiration date, I will offer to them my services as teacher and/or artistic director. They have expressed interest in that continuing, which would mean I'd get to continue teaching these amazing students and be part of their lives, while still being able to have a full time day job to support my new family! Fingers crossed that it all works out!

If it doesn't work out, know this: I WILL keep teaching somewhere to some capacity, as it is in my DNA to continue doing so. I will keep you all posted as things progress. Whatever happens, I will always be your champion and will love you all forever!

With love,

Miss Marta  

222 High Street / PO BOX 939, Silverton, OR 97381 / 503-873-0464 

 aaperformingartsco@gmail.com / director's email martadancn@msn.com

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Our Mission

Our goal is to celebrate diversity and individuality through the performing arts. We are dedicated to spreading the love and appreciation of all art forms through offering the highest quality of classes, individualized and personalized instruction suited to each student's needs, and ensuring that safety, nurturing and creative, FUN in instilled in all our classes. Our Academy is inclusive not exclusive; all are welcome into our family regardless of age, race, religion, ability, culture or lifestyle. We offer affordable classes and scholarships to those in financial need. Community service and mentoring at a peer and instructor level is part of our culture here.  We are growing the best future citizens through teaching integrity, accountability, respect, diligence, work ethic, self discipline, faith, creative problem solving and team work.

The American Academy of Performing Arts Co. is Developing Artistic Diversity by training professionals in Dance, Theatre and Music.

The instructors at The Academy are professionals in their field; they have degrees, acreditations, professional performance experience and expertise knowledge. 

Click to watch a video on dance at AAPAC!

Our 6,000 SF building has top notch studio space:

~ 3 class rooms

~The "ballroom"  (studio A) is 1200 SF of floating (sprung) hardwood oak floors with wall-to-wall mirrors and ballet barres

~ The upstairs dance studio (studio B) is 1000 SF with a Marley dance floor and portable ballet barres

~ Our theater/music classroom is equipped with an upright piano, electric keyboard, microphones, drums, desks, music stands, chalk board and more!

 ~  Our Lobby is 1200 SF with comfortable seating and FREE WiFi

~ Dance boutique complete with all your dance attire needs is on site! 

~3 restrooms with showers and 2 extra dressing rooms!



Our History & Future

The Academy was formed 1996 by Marta Hazekamp as business entity to unmbrella a wide range of talents; freelance performing, choreography and teaching. By 2000 Marta had spent the former 5 years freelancing in Portland and throughout Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, and New York City. Not long after returning from NYC,  "AAPAC" set roots in Silverton, Marta's home town.

Since then the school has grown considerably every year, moved 3 times in 10 years, and has had an average of 200 students a term, ten instructors, inhabits a 6,000 SF building with 3 classrooms and many other ammenities, and offers over 30 classes a week to all ages.

Its alumni students have had a great deal of success and professional experience (see our Staff & Alumni page). Our instructors have trained students that are currently working as professional dancers, singers, actors and other performance related professions such as film and stage management. Former students of The Academy have also attended Julliard and other highly credible colleges and universities that specialize in the performing arts.

The school has grown regardless of economic turbulence. In fact, the school has filled a niche in the community due to challenges of the economy. With public school budget cuts in music, art, theatre and PE, the Academy funds student scholarships and specialized programs and performances to students in our community.

Performing Arts training teaches people how to learn, how to use all areas of their brain, to be creative problem solvers and self discipline. Training the whole performer (body, mind and spirit) is our goal today and in the future. The most valuable performers are proficient in all three areas of the performing arts, as well as having knowledge and skills in fine arts, stage technical skills, costuming, make-up and directing. Though not all students may choose to go on to professional careers in the performing arts, they will be prepared with the knowledge, tools and skills that they learn here that will allow them to be successful in any career.


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